Social media is a big part of my daily routine. My favorite app – Instagram!

It’s not just about photos of your friends anymore, but has become one of the biggest platforms for online shopping.  Almost all of my fashion inspirations come from bloggers that are constantly posting pictures on social media. It’s almost impossible to open this app without seeing something that you just have to buy. Jewelry bloggers on the Instagram scene have especially caught my eye lately. Now you can simply “swipe up”on an Instagram story and shop a whole look. This is a step up from traditional online shopping because customers can buy pieces that they truly can’t find anywhere else. One of my favorite looks from my mom’s Instagram shop is the stackable bands. Rings are my favorite piece of jewelry and I love mixing and matching metals and styles. I paired these edgy rings with a diamond X ring on my middle finger to add some elegance to the grunge outfit. I think it’s important to mix styles together so an outfit doesn’t look too costume-y.


Whether it’s grungy, bohemian, or casual -diamonds can amplify any outfit. Instagram is the perfect place to find jewelry that no one else will have, which is so hard when they’re so many designers that are similar to each other. Westshore Diamond is constantly creating innovative jewelry designs that are a true reflection of ones’ unique style. I couldn’t be more grateful that my mom’s social media presence is evolving. Shoppers can simply “shop by style” and buy the entire look for that season. This new wave of shopping combines the two things that I love most- jewelry and endless scrolling on Instagram. Customers can shop this whole look through the Westshore Diamond Instagram page.