Custom Jewelry Design

Sometimes jewelry is so personal that it must be created anew from your conception.  In other cases, an existing piece holds meaning, but needs to be re-imagined into a wearable piece that reflects your style.  Anything is possible.

Westshore Diamond Company is experienced in working from existing jewelry, photo references, or just your inspiration, to design the perfect piece. Custom jewelry design is an exciting process in which you participate to make beautiful dreams come true.

Of course, we begin with sketches to confirm your vision.  Depending on the design, we will either hand-craft a model from wax or use a computer to help fashion a wax model.  You’ll be able to approve this model that you can touch and feel, as well as the gems that will go into your piece.

Finally, we duplicate the wax model in your chosen precious metal so you can see it before we set the gems into place.  When the dream is transformed into reality, the piece becomes your very own personal expression, with very special meaning.