Buying Process

Blue Stud Diamond Ring

There is no substitute for fine jewelry.  When chosen properly, it can uniquely represent the most important people, achievements, occasions, and commitments of our lives.  For this reason, we believe the selection of jewelry deserves your careful consideration.  We also believe you should be sufficiently informed about the attributes of the gems and settings that give them their value.

At Westshore Diamond Company, we provide the surroundings in which you can comfortably explore ways of expressing yourself through jewelry, and we provide the knowledge and expertise that will help you fully understand the objective value of your selections.  This is quite unusual in the highly competitive world of jewelry retailing.

Our process begins with a phone consultation to understand your individual desires and requirements. You are then invited to a Private Viewing of hand selected pieces based on our focused conversation.

During your Private Viewing, we make sure you understand which attributes of your jewelry selections give them special value. You’ll have the opportunity to compare them side-by-side. You may also choose to create a custom piece of jewelry unlike any other.

After your purchase, we would like to remain in touch with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.