An Extraordinary Experience

Extravagent Necklace

You might think that a mass-market jewelry store would give you the opportunity to choose from a larger selection than Westshore Diamond Company.  We’re pleased to say, that is not the case.

Our showroom is full of enchanting, one-of-a-kind creations.  We can show you any piece of jewelry you might see at a heavily advertised jewelry store, and we can source many more unique pieces that you would never see in such an establishment.  We can even design and manufacture an exclusive piece that is just right for you.

Westshore Diamond Company makes sure your experience with jewelry is extraordinary.  We consult with you to understand your desires, and then we arrange for a private viewing without sales pressure.  We believe this is the most satisfying way to obtain the jewelry that expresses what is meaningful to you.  As never before, you’ll find jewelry that you will cherish forever.