Our Vision

Westshore Diamond Showroom

While working and living in the Tampa Bay area, we felt the need for a different kind of jewelry buying experience--one that is personal and private, with an absence of pressure.  We understand the power of jewelry to inspire and to express important relationships in our lives.  So, we designed the perfect environment for our friends to explore their dreams in jewelry, guided by someone with the expertise to assist with these important decisions.

Westshore Diamond Company is, above all, your personal jeweler, with a passion for providing helpful education and impeccable customer service.  We offer clients wholesale pricing, so you have access to the highest quality jewelry at a fraction of the retail cost.

We engage with you by scheduling a private viewing.  In a very relaxed atmosphere, we listen to understand how jewelry fits into your life and the meaning you hope to express.  Nothing could be more personal.  That’s why we’re different and why so many of you have become our lifelong friends.


Mollie Boutell, G. G., President and Owner

Cindi Pizor, Vice President