Cindi Pizor

Cindi Pizor

“We are doing something very special at Westshore Diamond Company.  The experience is comfortable, personal, and engaging.  You’re spending time with someone who’s earning your trust and friendship.”  Cindi Pizor, Vice President.

With 30 years of increasing responsibility in retail and wholesale diamonds and fine jewelry, Cindi is recognized as an authority in the industry.

Cindi holds her Diamond Essential Certificate from the Gemological Institute of America.  During her career, Cindi has trained hundreds of property adjusters on diamond grading, salvage estimation, appraisal interpretation and customer service.

For twenty-five years, she evaluated jewelry losses for major insurance companies as an employee of the former Continental Jewelers showroom in Tampa, Florida.  This work required not only expertise in diamonds and jewelry, but also an understanding of people and how they relate to jewelry.  As a liaison between the insurance company and the policyholder, Cindi balanced the business goals of the adjuster and the personal needs of the jewelry owner.

While working for Continental Jewelers, Cindi and Mollie became friends and realized they shared a vision of a far better jewelry buying experience.  When Mollie Boutell founded IGS Appraisal Company and later the Westshore Diamond Company, she knew Cindi was the ideal partner because of her passion for helping others with jewelry and her unmatched ability to build trust by sharing her technical understanding.   Their alliance has flourished at the Westshore Diamond Company.

Cindi is fully committed to making your experience at Westshore Diamond Company exceptionally personal and uniquely satisfying.